I strongly believe in the mind-body connection. If your body doesn’t feel right, your mind won’t either.

I hope to inspire you to get back to (or start) loving your body as it is and as it can be – the way it works, feels and functions. Your body does so much for you. Learning to appreciate it will change you as a whole – as a mind-body whole!

freedom sculpture
This is the perfect depiction of the struggle we experience to become free.


Do you see how as you move to the right,the body goes from completely bounded to almost as though it’s just realizing there’s more…

almost free
As it struggles with a yearning expression to get out, it extends an arm, reaching for that something more.

How many of you could be moved to tears with how well this imagine might portray how you feel inside your own body? Don’t feel bad… that would be a good sign. You KNOW there is more…

free freedom sculpture
What can this sculpture teach you?

The last piece on the right just MOVES me incredibly so – I have never seen anything so still & solid look so FIERCE & FREE, ready to explode out of it’s man-made mold, ready take on anything in the entire universe. I want to go to Philadelphia where this sculpture lives and bow down in thanks.

What would you give to feel FIERCE and to feel FREE? It’s what you deserve, and you can get it.

My body and I have a history, and it isn’t pretty. I struggled for YEARS with hating my body – I felt completely trapped like the image above on the left. Hating my body caused me to hate myself, and hating myself trapped me even more. I struggled with eating disorders for almost 10 years – I abused my body, and that surely didn’t help me love it. It took a lot of self-forgiveness and acceptance but, I got out. I became FREE. You can, too.

To cherish and nourish everything my body does for me, I believe in holding myself accountable to 71.4% eating. I do NOT believe in restricting. I do NOT believe in miracle, fad-tastic diets. I believe in balance. I find that with 71.4%

During the week, I try to stick with clean eats. Food Prep is legit, and I live to eat out of tupperware Monday – Friday. ComeSaturday and Sunday, I open it up a bit and keep the tupperware in the cabinet. Weekends are for date nights, family nights and yes, some indulgences. Nothing good ever comes from restricting.

Do you have a hard time with balance? I can help!

In my blog you’ll find my own healthy, full-flavor 71.4%  way of eating come through in my recipes. Mostly healthy, but when I make chicken pot pie, I do not leave out the cream.

I’ll share tips on how I stay balanced and fight back negative self-talk about my body (see, there’s the connection again – self-talk, in the mind, about the body). I’ll also share some recipes from meal plans I do support and utilize in my 71.4%… 21 day fix, Paleo & Whole30 recipes.

1:1 Coaching or group coaching opportunities are always available and are entirely virtual for your convenience! I’d love to hear about your goals!

Xo, Jessica