With my entire soul, I believe in the mind-body connection. If your mind doesn’t feel right, your body won’t either.

Have you ever gotten really nervous, or came close to getting into an accident, or taking a slip down a staircase? Close your eyes and think briefly of one of those moments…

What happened to your body? Did you feel your muscles tense and clench? Did you get a sensation like “butterflies” in your belly? Did you feel pressure in your head?

This is the mind-body connection guys! You can’t separate them; they work as one.

If all you say in your mind are things you don’t believe in about yourself or your body, how do you think you’ll feel? The universe cannot give us anything we don’t believe we deserve because our will always wins.

Repeat after me:

fearfully wonderfully made

Let that be your mantra. Save it. Print it. Write it down. But most importantly, SPEAK IT LOUD. Let the universe know.

I hope to inspire you with ways to improve your mind – the way it thinks, reacts, operates. I wholeheartedly believe it will change you as a whole – as a mind-body whole!

In my blog you’ll find my personal beliefs about self-development, self-healing, goal setting, thinking more positively, reviews on personal development books & topics, as well as personal examples I hope you will be able to relate to.

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