You are an important part of the universe, and I am grateful to be connecting with you. I am honored you are here to learn more about Coaching.

Let’s start with the most important question of all:

What do you want? No, seriously… What do you really, REALLY want?

Not sure? Well think about this…

Do you struggle

…with balance?

…with your fitness?

…with setting goals?

…with reaching your goals?

…with relationships with others?

…with your relationship with yourself?

I am so passionate about the fact that I, and the universe, want you to have ALL of those things and more.
Caveat alert: You have to believe you deserve it first.

Without believing you deserve the things you want, you put a block between you, the universe and whatever Holy (or unholy) Spirit you pray (beg, talk, chant, plea) to. Free will is everything – if you don’t BELIEVE you should have something you desire, our free will  always wins. On the contrary, if you believe you should have it, and you take steps towards getting it, you will always win. Yes, it does take effort. No, there are no miracles.

I offer a variety of Coaching services – every client is unique, therefore each service is unique. However, a few things always remain the same: YOU are the boss. YOU are the expert. I firmly believe no one nor anything knows you better than YOU.

Coaching starts with 2 things:

  1. Let’s outline your goals, but not just any goals – SMART goals (and perhaps some subgoals).

smart goals

2. Based on YOUR goals, together we’ll discovery your WANTS, NEEDS, and NON-NEOGTIABLES. I call this your W[i]NNing List!

That’s the end of the scripted Coaching plan because the rest depends on you. I’d love to connect to customize a Coaching plan that’s uniquely best for YOU!

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