Greek Yogurt & Chia seed Parfaits

Chia Greek Yogurt Parfaits – Healthy & YUM-E!

The combinations are endless when it comes to fruit and yogurt! Choose a light greek style, throw in some chia seeds, fresh fruit & some other heart healthy, super food toppings, and you’ve got a sweet, protein packed breakfast or anytime-snack!

I prefer Yoplait 100 calorie yogurt cups; they are affordable, portion controlled, lower in sugar, and most importantly YUM-E! They have a huge variety of flavors, too!

Let’s talk superfood Chia Seeds for a moment. They are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, essential amino acids,

A 1 ounce (28 grams) serving of chia seeds contains:

– Fiber: 11 g
– Protein: 4 g
– Fat: 9 g (5 of which are Omega-3s)
– Calcium: 18% of the RDA
– Manganese: 30% of the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA)
– Magnesium: 30% of the RDA
– Phosphorus: 27% of the RDA

They also contain a decent amount of Zinc, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Potassium, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and Vitamin B2

Fruit & Chia Greek Yogurt Parfaits

1 100 calorie greek yogurt
1 T. Chia seeds
2 T. fresh fruit, chopped
1 T. nuts or granola (optional)

All you have to do is mix the yogurt, fruit and chia seeds (plus another healthy, crunchy item if desired), and let sit for at least 30 minutes to allow chia seeds to “bloom”. The combination of creamy yogurt, with the almost soft pearl like texture of the chia seeds, plus the crunch of a nut or oat, then the sweet burst of fresh fruit… my kinda comfort food right there, yet it’s Healthy: YUM-E!!

A couple of my favorite combos:

strawberry chia yogurt
Strawberry Chia Greek Yogurt parfait

Nutrition Facts:

160 cals, 4.5g fat, 47g sodium, 22 carbs, 6g fiber, 11g sugar, 12g protein
20% Calcium, 7.5% iron, 40% Vit C, 4% Vit A

mango walnut chia yogurt
Mango-Walnut Chia greek yogurt parfait

Nutrition Facts:

210 cals, 7.5g fat, 93mg sodium, 22g carbs, 6.5g fiber, 11g sugar, 15.5g protein
60mg potassium, 20% calcium, 10% Vit C, 7% Vit A, 7% iron


The flavor possibilities are endless! Look at all the flavors Yoplait brings to your snackin’ table:

yoplait greek 100 flavors
Yoplait Greek 100 Flavors


yoplait greek 100 yogurt nutrition
Nutrition facts of Yoplait Greek 100

additional flavors not pictured: Strawberry Cheesecake (which happens to be my fave! How rude, Yoplait)

21 Day Fix count:

1 red, 1/2 purple, 1/2 orange