You are an important part of the universe, and I am grateful to be connecting with you. I am honored you are here to learn more about Coaching.

Let’s start with the most important question of all:

What do you want? No, seriously…

What do you really, REALLY want?

I am so passionate about the fact that I, and the universe, want you to have all of your Ultimate Desires.

Caveat alert: You have to believe you deserve it first.

Without believing you deserve the things you want, you put a block between you, the universe and whatever Holy (or unholy) Spirit you pray (beg, talk, chant, plea) to. Free will is everything – if you don’t BELIEVE you should have something you desire, our free will  always wins. On the contrary, if you believe you should have it, and you take steps towards getting it that align with your WiNNing List, you will always win.

What is Accountability Fix?

1️⃣Mission: Helping women stay accountable to themselves.

2️⃣End result for women in our coaching groups: Have a strategy to identify their greatest desires and connect them with their unique wants, needs and non-negotiables so they can confidently and passionately break through barriers to achieve their ideals of success and live a truly authentic, purposeful life.

3️⃣Pain points of our ideal client:
👉🏻They’re attracting the wrong people, the wrong jobs, the wrong energy.
👉🏻They’re struggling to identify what is missing in their lives.
👉🏻They’re struggling to pinpoint what is keeping them from being their happiest and most productive selves.
👉🏻They’re not sure where to start.
👉🏻They get stuck in starting but never finishing when it comes to things for themselves.

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Accountability Fix Coaching involves 5 Pilars:

  1. Identify your Ultimate Desires!
  2. Outline your wants, needs and non-negotiables (your WiNNing List)
  3. Mindset Awareness – potential barriers and limiting beliefs
  4. Mindset Shifts – Reframe your stories
  5. Action takers

That’s the end of the scripted Coaching plan because the rest depends on you. I’d love to connect to customize a Coaching plan that’s uniquely best for YOU!

I’d love to connect with you – Contact me today!