Have you been stuck in a job, but want a dream worthy career?

Are you struggling to decide what a dream worthy career means to you?

Are you in a career you thought you wanted to be in, but now feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with?

As a [Board Certified] Accountability Coach and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, I would love to help you explore that!

Let’s be REAL – no one works just for the fun of it. We have jobs because we need to make a living. If we didn’t need the money, we’d all volunteer for a cause we love, or maybe just lay on the beach all day. Stop letting half your days go by in a job you aren’t passionate about, or worse – dread waking up for, maybe even hate.

Using simple but certified career interest assessments and our tried & true WiNNing List approach, we’d explore what you want, need and what is non-negotiable when it comes to a DREAM CAREER, then set goals for you to go out there and get that dream.

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