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Hi there!

I am Jessica – formerly Russo, now Miller, as of 10/7/16.

I am happily married to my supportive & handsome hubby, mom to my toddler lover boy, step mom to my 4th grade step daughter and dog mom to my cuddly poodle.

I am a Wife & Mom

About Me

Education & Experience

I earned a Master’s in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychology both from the University of South Florida.

In my last semester of graduate school, I became really unsure of what I REALLY wanted to do. Suddenly, traditional therapy didn’t seem to excite me the way I wanted it to anymore. I had to go through the process of re-deciding exactly what I WANTED to do.

Yep, I’ve been right where some of you are now!

I stepped away from the field altogether and become a Learning Consultant. I found that I LOVED partnering with people in a way that helped them get from point of not knowing and uncertainty to confidence and secure abilities. I fell in love with the process, and decided that Life Coaching could blend both my education and my experience.

I pursued my Board Certified Coach certification (to be finalized in winter of 2018) from the Institute for Life Coach Training.

My Coaching style

I believe in the power of CHOICE. When it comes to our beliefs, especially about ourselves and our desires, we have the ability to CHOOSE what we want to believe. When we believe great things, we can achieve great things!

First, we MUST discover what we DESIRE – what you really, unapologetically, truly desire in the deepest parts of our heart and soul.

Once you know what you DESIRE, you can then take a deeper dive and figure out how to get there FULLY.

To do that, I am here to help you discover your WANTS, NEEDS and NON-NEGTIABLES – your WiNNing LIST – then decide exactly how you’re going to pursue them, how you’re going to get past all limiting beliefs, and help hold you accountable to your path to your ultimate desires!

I am so excited for you and your journey to ULTIMATE!

More on The WiNNing List approach: www.accountabilityfix.com/winning-list